Editing Services

Story Feedback Package

The editor will carry out a Story Analysis and Content Edit. Together these two services provide extensive feedback on your story, telling you what works, what doesn’t, and how it can be improved. You’ll use this feedback to prepare an improved draft of your story.

Text Editing Package

This package comprises a Copy Edit followed, once you have approved the changes, by a final Proofread. The copy edit will improve the overall flow of the text, and correct any issues with grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The proofread will be carried out by a second editor and ensures that the final draft is as error free as possible.

All-in-one Editing Package

This comprehensive package provides everything you need to successfully complete your final draft and get your manuscript ready for publishing.

We begin by carrying a story analysis and content edit as per the story feedback package. Once you receive the feedback, the editor will be available for a 30-minute telephone call (or chat session) to answer your questions and discuss how best to proceed. You will also have unlimited email contact with your editor while preparing a revised draft.

Once you have finished fine-tuning your story, we will then copy edit and proofread the text as per the text editing package.

Children’s Book Editing Package

For illustrated children’s books up to 3000 words in length we offer a fixed-price package that consists of a feedback and copy edit round followed by a proofreading round. The fee for this package is $250.

Cover Design

We are pleased to be able to offer our clients 25% discount on a custom book cover designed by our partner WordSugar Designs.


The fee for our editing packages depends on the length of your manuscript (in words).

You can see an estimate of the fee by entering the word count of your manuscript in the box below. Note that in the case of short stories, it may be more economical to have several stories edited at the same time.

If you have an illustrated children’s book (up to 3000 words), we offer a two-round editing package for a fixed fee of $250.

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Story Feedback Package
Text Editing Package
All-in-one Editing Package