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Jim was a small broad man, with a very short temper; he had and acne scars all over his patchy red face. There were nights when you would could here hear that poor woman scream., then you’d see her the The next morning with her face would be covered with makeup that never matched her skin tone, that make up and always made her black eyes look worse, but you’d still get a smile from the nervous, friendly woman whom James adored. James would have died for his mother, and he tried to protect her as much as he could,. hHe had a knack of distracting his father, he would by complimenting him on something or handing over his pocket money, claiming he found it or stole lemonade bottles from the neighbours yard,. tThis often gave Jim a smile and sendt him off to bed. Often James did steal;. It was just small petty theft, but then again James would have walked to the end of the earth to make his mum feel safe. He couldn’t wait to grow up and give that monster of a dad a good hiding. ‘I’ll teach him one day,’ James said with eyes full of hatred.