Cookbook Editing

Every book needs editing before it is published. This is especially important for cookbooks, as recipe errors can lead to disasters (and cursing!) in your readers’ kitchens. It takes experience to spot the not-so-obvious mistakes. Is the temperature too high? Is there a step missing? Is the recipe clear enough to follow?

Our cookbook editor, Tracey, is a trained chef and used to have her own restaurant. Tracey has been an editor for many years, both as a freelance and in-house book editor and as a magazine editor. Her own writing was published by RotoVision, now owned by HarperCollins. She’d love to help you make your book the best it can be!

Cookbook Editing Package

Our two-round cookbook editing package ($25/1000 words) includes:
Round 1
  • Feedback and Advice. The editor provides feedback and suggestions to ensure the text is well structured and has the right balance of text, recipes, and ingredients lists.
  • Recipe check. Our editor checks through each recipe and queries any unlikely amounts or processes. She’ll also point out where there are stages missing or when the difficulty of the recipe may exceed that of the prospective reader.
Round 2
  • Review. The editor will review your revised draft. If any additional fine-tuning is recommended, this will be communicated before commencing with the copy edit.
  • Copy Edit. The editor will correct any errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation and improve the overall flow of the text.
For further information or to submit your manuscript, please email