Editing Services

Story Feedback:$10/1000 words

Our Story Feedback service consists of an editor’s report and extensive inline comments (see example). The Editor’s Report provides feedback and suggestions on plot lines (progression, consistency, resolution), the characters (believability, motivations), handling of dialogue, pacing, and reader engagement. The editor will provide an opinion on the overall quality and publishing potential of the current draft. The Inline Comments will help you fine-tune the details of the story and make sure everything is clear, consistent, and logical.

Copy Edit:$10/1000 words

Copy editing is an essential step in the publishing process and will allow your readers to lose themselves in your story without the distraction of textual errors and ambiguities. The editor will carefully read your manuscript to identify and correct any errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The editor will also make minor changes to the text, where needed, to improve the overall flow and choice of wording (see example). Specialist editing software will also be used to perform a number of additional consistency checks (e.g. capitalization, hyphenation, abbreviations, missing end quotes, etc.).

All-in-one Editing Package:$20/1000 words

A comprehensive edit consisting of a Story Feedback round followed by a Copy Edit of your revised draft. During the revision phase you're welcome to direct questions to your editor. The editor will provide feedback on your changes before commencing with the Copy Edit.

Final Proofread:$7/1000 words

For authors taking a Copy Edit or our All-in-one package, we offer the option of a final proofread of your entire manuscript by a second editor.

Children’s Book Editing Package:$250

For illustrated children’s books up to 3000 words in length we offer a fixed-price package that consists of a combined feedback and copy edit round followed by a proofreading round.

Cover Design

We are pleased to be able to offer our clients 25% discount on a custom book cover designed by our partner WordSugar Designs.


To find out the fee for editing your book, enter the number of words in your manuscript in the box below. Note that the quoted fees assume a minimum word count of 10,000 words.

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