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Grammar Edit

$10/ 1000 words

For writers who are already happy with their story, but want to make sure their text is fluent and free of grammatical errors. The editor will correct any errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation and improve the overall flow of the text.

Grammar Edit

Essentials Editing Package

$15/ 1000 words

In addition to a Grammar Edit, this cost-effective, single-round package will also provide you with targeted and actionable feedback to help you fine-tune your story.

Editor’s Report

Inline Comments

Grammar Edit

Professional Editing Package

$25/ 1000 words

A comprehensive, multi-round edit consisting of a feedback round, support from your editor while you revise your manuscript, a review of your changes, and a final Grammar Edit. This package is suitable for ambitious writers who would like support from an editor to help make their book the best it can be.

Editor’s Report

Inline Comments+

Round 1

Support & Review

Author Revisions

Grammar Edit

Round 2

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