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A Developmental Edit provides constructive criticism, giving you the framework to improve your book.

We’ll first deconstruct your plot—does the story arc work over the chapters? Do you need to introduce more tension or obstacles? Does the pacing work? Is the narration consistent?

We’ll then consider character development and dialogue. Are they believable? Does the dialogue ring true or sound wooden?

Finally, we’ll look at word choice. This may range from repetition (the most common error) to text choices which don’t fit the book’s tone.

You want to be sure that your book is an enjoyment to read, consistent and logically put together, and is truly worth your reader’s time and money.

In other words, you want to end up with a book that deserves to be published. That’s where Book Helpline works!

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Writers who would like professional feedback and support to help them strengthen their story and expedite the revision process.

I highly recommend Book Helpline because you cannot find a more qualified and dedicated team of professionals to help you through the publishing process – editing, ghost writing, proof reading, formatting, cover design, Amazon file uploading, etc. Book Helpline is 5 Star Plus organization that delivers excellent results.

Daniel Siberio

The Seven Principles of Life

Judith’s advice was more than valuable. She is professional and also an incredibly nice person. Thanks for all the help!

Nicolas Nan

Paradise of Dust

This is what you’ll get

With a developmental edit you’ll receive an editor’s report and extensive inline comments.

The Editor’s Report provides feedback and suggestions on plot lines (progression, consistency, resolution), the characters (believability, motivations), handling of dialogue, pacing, and reader engagement.

The editor will provide an opinion on the overall quality and publishing potential of the current draft.

The Inline Comments will help you fine-tune the details of the story and make sure everything is clear, consistent, and logical.

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About Us

Book Helpline works with independent authors and small publishers. Our goal is to help authors make their books the best they can be: engaging for the reader, fluent, and grammatically sound. We’re as keen as you are to make your book a success!

We’ve edited a wide variety of publications. These include fiction and non-fiction as well as memoirs, short stories, and children’s books. A selection of these publications can be found on our Edited Books page.

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If you think your book is ready for editing, or if you’re not sure, email us a chapter from your manuscript and we’ll let you know what the best next step would be. Prefer to call? Phone Ginny on (213) 325-5115.