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New to working with an editor? We’d like to show you the magic of what we do!

Send us a few pages of your  manuscript and we’ll provide a sample edit.


What will you get?


      Your editor will correct 1,000 words from your manuscript. She’ll check your text for grammar, spelling, punctuation and word choice issues.


      You’ll get useful and practical insights on the common errors you make.


      You can immediately see what is needed to make your book error-free.


      You’ll receive two versions of your text. Think of it as the ultimate “before” and “after”!

      Version A is the “before.” You will see all changes made by your editor. These will appear in a different color using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes.

      Version B is the “after.” This is the new, corrected version with all the changes made. You will see what’s needed to make your book error-free.


      Further information about the sample edit

      The sample edit is FREE OF CHARGE. 

      The sample edit will be done on 1,000 words from your text.

      To be eligible for a sample edit, your full book/text must be over 7,000 words.

      The sample edit is not intended for school or study assignments. In case of doubt, we will ask for the full text.

      To request a sample edit

       – Send an email to with as your subject “Sample Edit.”
       – Attach a Word file with the text. This can be your whole book or text, or a chapter from the middle of the book. 

       – If you let us know the word count of your full manuscript, we’ll prepare a no-obligation quotation for you for our services. 

       – You’ll receive the sample edit within two working days.


      In the sample edit, we will correct your use of English (copyedit). Would you also like a sample edit of our Feedback service? Let us know and we’ll add it at the same time.

      About Us

      Book Helpline works with independent authors and small publishers. Our goal is to help authors make their books the best they can be: engaging for the reader, fluent, and grammatically sound. We’re as keen as you are to make your book a success!

      We’ve edited a wide variety of publications. These include fiction and non-fiction as well as memoirs, short stories, and children’s books. A selection of these publications can be found on our Edited Books page.

      Many thanks to @bookhelpline for their great work copy editing @UXLifecycle – essential final checks before launch.
      Clive Howard

      UX Lifecycle: The Business Guide to Implementing Great Software User Experiences

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      Is your book ready for the next step toward publication? 

      If you think your book is ready for editing, or if you’re not sure, email us a chapter from your manuscript and we’ll let you know what the best next step would be. Prefer to call? Phone Ginny on (213) 325-5115.