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At Book Helpline, we’re committed to helping independent authors fulfil their writing ambitions.

You’ve finished your first draft. But you’re still awake at 2am wondering what to do next.

That’s our cue. And our purpose at Book Helpline. To make your manuscript the best book possible.

So, if you require an honest assessment of your manuscript (and practical suggestions for improvement) or a thorough copyedit of your story, we’re here to help.


Let’s determine what you need to transform your manuscript to the standard required by the publishing industry.


You’ve written your manuscript.  But after your years of toiling at your desk, you may be too close to your work.

What does that mean? You’ve been so busy getting Aunt Charlotte’s voice correct that you haven’t noticed the narration wandering or you’ve used the word ‘chuckled’ three times in the same sentence!

A fresh set of editorial eyes will spot plot holes, see inconsistencies and places where tension is needed. In a DEVELOPMENTAL EDIT, what you’ll get is a roadmap for revision to make your story as engaging as possible.

Stage Two: The COPYEDIT

You’ve revised your manuscript, so the story arc is perfect. Narration is consistent and there’s great character development. Or, in case of a non-fiction book, you’ve reached the point where more work will not improve the content any further. You’re ready for the next step!

Now, let’s concentrate on the words. In a copyedit, our editors will not only check grammar but fine-tune your wording so that it is crisp and of the standard required by the publishing industry.

For those books with substantial errors, we suggest a final proofread. But let’s discuss that later. Remember, we’re here to get your book into the shape it deserves.

Or: The All-in-One

We combine a Developmental Edit with a Copyedit. Ideal for writers who appreciate expert assistance from start to finish at a discounted rate! (With one or two extras, as well!)


D. M. Barr

Slashing Mona Lisa

Great editing job, plus friendly, responsive people. I was very impressed with Ginny and Judith, and look forward to working with them in the future. Thanks again for your assistance!

Arnold Eslava-Grunwaldt


About Book Helpline

Book Helpline works with independent authors and small publishers. Our goal is to help authors make their books the best they can be: engaging for the reader, fluent, and grammatically sound. We’re as keen as you are to make your book a success!

We have a fixed team of experienced freelance editors from the US, UK, and Australia, who are writers themselves. The founder and senior editor is Judith Henstra, PhD. Editors Ginny Glass and Joanna Booth answer inquiries from the US and the UK, respectively. Nick Hill is responsible for the website and marketing. Our editors can be contacted directly if you need to discuss something about your edit.

We’ve edited a wide variety of publications. These include fiction and non-fiction as well as memoirs, short stories, and children’s books. A selection of these publications can be found on our Edited Books page.

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Book Helpline helped me with editing the English translation of my book. They did a very good job and quick as well. Joanna and Judith are great to work with. Thank you!

Sydney Brouwer

Customer-Centric Leadership

I worked on all seven of my books with Book Helpline and it continues to be a pleasure. Their story analysis, edits, and support always get me back on track. Till next time!

Marlies van Mierlo

Behind the Glass (and other books)

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Is your book ready for the next step toward publication? 

If you think your book is ready for editing, or if you’re not sure, email us a chapter from your manuscript and we’ll let you know what the best next step would be. Prefer to call? Phone Ginny on (213) 325-5115.